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November and December 2018 Baking and Cooking Classes

I will be starting my Christmas Classes this month as I am usually busy most of next month.  We will start with a Eurasian Christmas Favorite on Sunday. But first we will start with breads, because breads go with Christmas foods like Roasted Turkey and Roasted Leg of Lamb and good old Roasted Chicken.


European Bread Class

Saturday November 3rd 11 to 2 pm

This was one of my first classes ever 14 years ago.  You will learn;



  1. Foccacia Bread
  2. Ciabatta Bread
  3. Five Seed Bread

Ciabatta Bread

Price Per Person: RM140 (Class will commence once there are 4 students)

Eurasian Cooking Class

Sunday  November 4th 2.30 to 5.30

As you know I am part Eurasian, hence where the craziness and zaniness comes from.  Eurasian style of cooking is different from home to home depending on the mix of parentage. So you will learn something spicy, something a little spicy and something mild.

  1. Eurasian Chicken Stew Pie – A must for Christmas or any celebration
  2. Prawn Bostador – Spicy
  3. Chicken Curry Devil


Price Per Person: $145 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)


Lamb Pies, Chicken Pies  and More

Saturday November 10th  10 am to 1 pm

Pies have always been my favorite thing.  You will learn,


  1. Minced Lamb and Mushroom Pie
  2. Creamy Chicken and Corn Pie
  3. Short Crust Pastry
  4. Potato Topping


Price Per Person: $140 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)


Mint Rice, Yoghurt and Tomato Chicken and Chunky Mango Chutney Class

Saturday November 10th 2.30 to 5 pm


Mum’s old recipes from the early 80s. Now that Yus is not around, Mum cooks.  So she surprised us all with this and I thought it was rather class worthy. Do expect her to be around making a busy body.  This I will not consider very Indian, it has a local touch to it.


And Mum made it herself….. so it is simple.


  1. Mint Rice
  2. Yoghurt and Tomato Chicken
  3. Chunky Mango Chutney

These three dishes complement each other very well.

Price Per Person: RM135 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)


Fruit Cake Class

Sunday November 11th  2.30 to 5.30

Learn to make English Classics that are oldies but goodies and seldom heard off around here.


  1. Dundee Cake
  2. Classic English Christmas Cake20131207_162335


Price Per Person: $140 (Class will commence once there are 5 students.


Roasted of Lamb Leg and Roasted Chicken Class

Saturday November 17th  10 to 1 pm

Tuesday  December 11th 2.30 to 5.30

Another Christmas Delight learn to do both Chicken and Lamb as a complete Christmas Dinner or Lunch.

You will learn;


  1. Roasted Leg of Lamb
  2. Roasted Chicken
  3. Chicken Stuffing
  4. Spicy Roasted Potatoes
  5. Salade Nicoise
  6. Traditional Christmas Pudding
  7. Brandy Custard Sauce


christmas pudding

Price Per Person: RM170 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)


Christmas Delights

Sunday November 18th 2.30 to 5.30

Tuesday December 11th 10 to 1 p,

You will learn to make some Christmas favorites that seem to be rather expensive at all major hotels.  This is a fully Hands on session where you will be working in groups.  You will learn to make:


  1. Christmas Stollen
  2. Marzipan for Stollen Filling
  3. Fruit Mince Tart Filling from scratch
  4. Christmas Fruit Mince Tart


These are ideal homemade Christmas gifts.

Price Per Person: $150.  (Class will commence once there are eight students)


Pineapple Tarts

Tuesday November 20th  10.30  to 1.30 pm

Christmas is synonymous with Pineapple Tarts. So let’s do it.

You will learn;


  1. Old Fashioned Open Tart
  2. Pineapple Shortcake – (Rolled Pineapple)
  3. Pineapple Jam


Price Per Person: RM130


Roasted Turkey Meal

Saturday November 24th 10 to 1pm

Saturday December 8th 2 to 5 pm


It’s the yearly Turkey Class; learn to make my moist turkey and all the trimmings and accompaniments that go with it.


  1. Roast turkey
  2. Chestnut stuffing
  3. Turkey gravy
  4. Refreshing Tomato and Grape Salad
  5. Christmas pudding
  6. Butter custard sauce

Price Per Person: $150. Class will commence once there are eight students.


Yule Log

Saturday December 1st 10.30 to 1 pm

Learn to Decorate your own Yule log.

You will learn;

  1. Chocolate Sponge Cake
  2. Butter Cream Filling
  3. Chocolate Butter Icing

Each student will have their own cake to decorate and take home

Price Per Person: RM130

Please whatsapp me on 0166827465 to book your place.

Classes are held in No 70 Road 14/24 PJ

Please check my Facebook, Cooking with Nicholas for updates.

Baking and Cooking Classes for October

Pineapple Tarts

Sunday October 7th 2 to 5 pm

It’s Diwali coming soon, exactly a month’s time. So why not learn to make this golden oldie.


You will learn;

  1. Old Fashioned Open Tart
  2. Pineapple Shortcake – (Rolled Pineapple)
  3. Pineapple Jam

Price Per Person: RM130


Paratha and Dhal Class

Saturday October 13th 11 to 2 pm

 Learn to make Parathas.  This is not Roti Canai as we do not use many unhealthy ingredients to make it and you will not have to learn to toss it as it is not an easy feat.

You will learn the folding technique.

This is suitable for Vegetarians as there is no egg.

You will learn;


  1. Parathas
  2. Vegetable Dhall Curry

Price Per Person: $95  (Class will commence once there are 5 students)


Indian Sweet Class

Saturday 27th 11 to 2 pm

Learn to prepare three Indian Sweets.  I learnt this in India and had to perfect it before teaching it again. You will be using pure ghee for this class.


You will learn;

  1. Rava Ladoo
  2. Mysore Pak
  3. Jelebi


Price Per Person: RM150 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)


Mutton Rendang Tok and Mutton Mysore Class

Sunday 28th 11 to 2 pm

 Learn to make two Mutton Curry Dishes.  One Malay and one Indian style.  You will learn;

Mutton Rendang Tok

  1. Mutton Rendang Tok
  2. Mutton Mysore


Please whatsapp me at 0166827465 to book your place.

Classes are held at 70 Road 14/24 Petaling Jaya.