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Pineapple Short Cakes for sale this Diwali

Pineapple Shortcake for sale this Diwali.

These little morsels seem to be a favorite for all festivities celebrated in this country.  These Shortcakes have gone to several countries as well, even the often difficult to bring food in Australia.

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Pineapple Short Cake

These melt in the mouth shorcakes are ideal as gifts and as tokens and just as something you have around the house and eat it with a cup of tea during the long weekend.

Price: RM26.50 – Minimum two containers.

Each Jar contains about 22 or 23 pieces of shortcake.

Please make bookings by the 20th October 2019 for PICK UP from the 24th onwards.

Please whatsapp me at 0166827465 to make your booking.  Please state your name upon ordering.