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It’s Done!! Limoncello – The Epic Ends!

It’s finally done! My first batch of Limoncello is cooling as I am typing this half drunken with lemon alcohol fumes.  Even Eda is walking around looking quite dazy unlike her usual no nonsense perky self.

The fumes can really get to you, and you could end up teary eyed and it shoots right up the brain.  I am burping alcohol now and all I tasted was 2 teaspoons, once before the sugar syrup went in and another time after the sugar to ensure the taste was fine.

It’s fine by the way. Not that I am a Limoncello expert but I think its good enough.

The Final Day Look

This is how the 8 day old Limoncello looked before the mixing. Note the color change of the Lemon Skin, it is almost a creamy white today.

So here is what I did on this final day:

Step 1

Wash Bottles and dry it, place it in the oven at 100 C for about an hour or so, then leave it in the oven to cool down.  This is to make sure the bottles are disinfected and kept clean.  You can buy these bottles in bottle shops. Sent the mother and somehow got these not so nice looking bottles.

Step 2

Boil 6 litres of water and once boiled add in 4.6 kilos of sugar. Leave to boil on high and let it cool for a while.  Sugar should be boiled properly as sugar that is not boiled properly can ferment.

Step 3

Use a large ceramic bowl, the old fashion mixing bowls is a good choice here.  Use a metal mesh strainer and cheesecloth.  Fold the cheesecloth a few times but make sure it covers the metal mesh strainer.  If you need to buy cheesecloth, in Malaysia you may need to say the Tau Foo Fa cloth, because we do not make cheese here in this country.

Step 4

Shake the bottle a little and then strain the 8 day old Alcohol Lemon mixture.  Be careful with the fumes as it can cos you to be teary eyed, and I even got goose bumps for some reason.  Must be a trite virginal in a way to be affected like this. What can I say?  Squeeze out the excess alcohol lemon from the cloth.

Squeezing the last bits

Step 5

Pour in sugar syrup and let it cool further before bottling.  Limoncello has to be thoroughly cooled down before you pour it into the bottles.

Step 6

Store in the freezer, as Limoncello has to be drunk when it is slush like.  So store it in the freezer a few days before use.

Step 7                                                                                                                                               

Drink away or watch others get hit by its innocent looks yet potent content.  please forgive the ugly bottle tops, trust my mother to get the wrong thing. It is better to get screw top bottles. So keep your screw top bottles if you are going to make it.

By the way…. It makes a great gift!

Limoncello Day 7 – The Last Day so please pray!

Today is the last day of my Lemoncello – alcohol and lemon soaking together. It’s a nice tinge of yellow I might add, a nice golden, so let’s hope today’s final day of soaking will make that change.  What change I still do not know but nevertheless, change in taste, change in color and whatever change that may occur.

I have never made this before and suddenly I am making ten bottles of it is a little daunting because if the recipe I have is anything but, then Saturday night our guests are going to get something else. If it fails, the chef thing has to come out and we’ll just have an alcoholic lemony dessert… hmmm an Alcoholic Lemon Meringue Pie does come to mind. Just imagine all the old foggies eating it and falling all over the place in drunken stupor.  Priceless Moments I am sure.

Ok enough of letting the imagination run wild. I will make sure it works. Lemoncello here I come – I hope!

Limoncello – Day 1 – The Preparation

Today I started with the first few steps of preparing Limoncello.  Got the lemons, what  sight to see 40 lemons in a basket but yours truly forgot to take photos.  Today I will take you through the step by step method on how we        (the girls and I) prepared our Limoncello that should be ready by next Saturday.

Step 1

I got those old large Horlicks bottles, cleaned them, soaked them with sodium bicarbonate overnight. And this morning , Eda washed them and dried them and later before I started I placed them in the oven at 50 C for about 1 hour.

Step 2

Wash lemons and dry them. You have to make sure the alcohol does not come into contact with water.  I dried them in a big strainer. Pity I forgot to take a photo of it. Then the girls wiped the lemons and I told them how to peel it using a peeler or in my case the peeler that does julienned vegetables.  Will take a photo for all to see. Bought it in Bangkok.  It’s a wonderful piece of equipment. Will talk about it in another section of my blog.

Peel the skin of the lemon as shown in the photo and ensure it is only skin and

Lemon Skin

nothing else.  It is the skin that gives the flavor to the Limoncello. I did find some recipes that actually squeeze the juice in. I am tempted to try, but I think  I should not because I am short of time in case anything happens in the next few days.

Step 3

Measure out 1 litre of Alcohol and pour it into the bottle.  Make sure once again it does not come into contact with water.  Add in the grated skin of 10 lemons per bottle.

Leave it to ferment ( I believe it could be the wrong word) so let me find out. This is to be kept for eight days and through the next eight days, I will photograph the changes for all to see.