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March Cooking and Baking Classes

Sunday March 1st 10 to 1 pm

My Favorite Cakes

You will learn to make;


  1. Lamingtons
  2. Swiss Roll
  3. Coconut Butter Cream Filling
  4. Coconut Frosting
  5. Chocolate Coating

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)

Saturday March 7th 2.30 to 5.30pm

Panna Cotta Class

Learn to make the ever famous Panna Cotta. You will learn to make;

  1. Plain Panna Cotta
  2. Panna Cotta with Balsamic Berries
  3. Masala Tea Panna Cotta

Price Per Person: $95 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)

Sunday March 8th 10 to 1 pm

Chicken Chicken Chicken and a Chutney

Let’s learn to prepare stuff I ate in Bangalore.  These are usually found in Indian Restaurants here and there.  We will learn to prepare;


  1. Chicken Lollipop – Looks like Boxing Chicken with a difference.
  2. Chicken Tandoori – Grilled in the oven
  3. Chicken Malai Tikka
  4. Date Chutney

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)

Saturday March 14th 10 to 1 pm

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Learn to make Hainanese Chicken Rice. You will learn to prepare;

  1. Silken Chicken
  2. Heong Fun
  3. Chilly Sauce
  4. Ginger Garlic Sauce

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)

Sunday March 15th 2 to 5.30

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken  and a Dip 2


Another class of Chicken Snacks.  You will learn my favorite;

  1. Korean Fried Chicken
  2. Chicken Croquettes
  3. Nam Yee Chicken
  4. A hot and sour dip

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)

Tuesday March 17th 2 to 4.30

Meatloaf and its many uses.

Let us learn to make a good wholesome yummy meatloaf and then turn it into other favorite foods that can be eaten at home or even at school.

You will learn to prepare;

  1. Meatloaf
  2. Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables
  3. Meatloaf Shepherds Pie
  4. Meatloaf French Bread Pizzas

Price Per Person: $95 (Class will commence once there are 6 students) This class is open to teenagers who are on school holidays.

Saturday 21st 2.30 to 5.30

Retro Desserts..

I remember well my mum learnt these desserts once or twice in the 80s but never made it.  So today we will learn to make;

  1. Bombe Alaska
  2. Baba au Rum or Rhum babas

Price Per Person: $95 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)

Sunday 22nd 2 to 5.30

French Baguette Class

Learn to make two types of French Bread.

You will learn to bake from scratch the French Method with the crusty finish and the American Method which is slightly crusty.


This is a fully hands on class.

  1. French Baguette (Banh Mi – Vietnamese)
  2. American Baguette

Price Per Person: $90 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)

Saturday 28th 10 to 1 pm

Doughnuts Sweet and Savory


I love eating Doughnuts but more so the one the Chinese Hawkers sell in the market just with sugar and nothing fancy.  We will learn to make different snacks using Doughnut Dough. You will learn to make;

  1. Doughnut Dough
  2. Doughnut Malaysia
  3. Chocolate Fondant Glaced
  4. Sausage Doughnuts

Price Per Person: $95 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)

Sunday 29th 2.30 to 5.30

An Easter Lunch Menu

  1. Boneless Lamb Roast
  2. Potato Basil Fritata
  3. Green Bean Salad
  4. Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Price Per Person: $110 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)

Classes will be held at 70 Road 14/24 Petaling Jaya.  Please call 016 6827465 or email to book and to make any enquiries. 

Please check my blog

 Fees are to be paid once you make a booking, if a class is canceled you will be refunded.  If fees are not paid, your name will be not be placed on the list.

Todays Lunch – Pasta and Veg with an Unbelievable Dressing

Today I felt like eating something light. I am having one of my moments I guess so out came the pasta and I boiled it al dente of coure.

I first thought of doing a Pasta Veggie Stir Fry but then I thought I really did not need anymore oil thanks to some curry puffs Eda made. Then Eda pulls out a Tupperware of nicely sliced lotus root from the freezer and we are both wondering when and how it got there, I am sure Yus had something to do with that.  So Lotus Root was one of the ingredients in my salad.

Then I had some Tao Miu (Can’t remember it’s a sprout of some sort) which I threw in and a tomato just for some color.

The dressing:

Malt Vinegar                   1 tbsp

Maggi Seasoning            1 tbsp

Sweet Chilly Sauce        1 tbsp

Nam Yee (Smelly Tofu) 1 tsp – although I think it should be 1 tbp


Mix the salad and dressing together and enjoy it.

sheer delight

My friend Carol Shun kind of went all quiet on me when I sms’d her the ingredients. It was nice and light I should say. I like simplicity with a lot of punch!

I have to add after eating and looking at the photo, I think a teensy bit of sesame seeds would have been nice sprinkled on the top and perhaps some grated orange rind and thinly sliced lemon grass.  Just a thought after I ate it and looked properly at the photo.

You should try it. The versatility of Nam Yee is plenty.  Should introduce more recipes soon.

Today’s Special – Macaroni Medley…

Today’s Macaroni dish is something a little different. It is like a Kung Poa with a lot less punch so to speak and I actually used black sauce. I bet when Carol reads this, she will just fall off her chair.

My Macaroni today even has chicken pieces, luxury compared to the last few days. So it’s kind of a complete meal so to speak with my carbs, my vegetables and my protein. And today’s dish has sauces like oyster sauce, and the two types of soy sauce, dark and light, and sesame oil as well.

I must say the last few days I just tend to feel a lot lighter then usual. I don’t have that horrible gluggy feeling that I have been going through for a while now and just now I tasted some Nasi Lemak Rice that Eda made for one of our food suppliers, the feeling came back almost instantly.  Also I like everyone to note that I eat these macaroni only once that is around 2 pm.  At night I eat whatever leftover vegetables my mum has leftover from dinner. So I am still eating but a lot more vegetables.

So before I waffle on, here is today’s recipe.

Macaroni                                              1 cup – boiled with a little salt till al dente

Chicken Meat                                       200 gms – marinade with some soy sauce, pepper and salt


Red Capsicum                                      1 cut into large cubes

Carrot                                                  1 small – sliced

Onion                                                   1 – o be cut into segments

Long Cabbage                                      5 leaves – to be roughly chopped

Garlic                                                   2 to be sliced

Sauce Mix – to be mixed separately

Oyster Sauce                                        1 tbsp

Dark Soy Sauce                                   1 tbsp

Soy Sauce                                            2 tsp

Oyster Sauce                                        2 tsp

Pepper                                                 1 tsp

Olive Oil


  1. Heat oil, throw in onions and sauté till it is slightly browned. Do not use on high flame, just strong enough to color it.
  2. Add in chicken, sauce mix and sliced garlic.  Sauté till chicken is slightly cooked.
  3. Add some water to the bowl and clear out any leftover sauce.  Pour into wok.
  4. Add in carrots and leave to simmer for about three minutes.
  5. Add in Capsicum and give it a quick stir.
  6. Add in Macaroni and Cabbage. Stir quickly. Season if necessary.
  7. Remove and serve.

Macaroni Mania Continues… Today’s special – Vegetable Combo Macaroni

Today I wanted something different but I still had to have lemon grass in it for some reason. So today’s recipe once again has lemon grass three days in a row.  Vegetables was the essence of today’s dish.  I wanted heaps of mushy and also fresh looking vegetables and I did still have balance Basil Leaves since Yus my helper gave me a whole tree yesterday.

What I found from the flavors was something rather interesting. And as I am typing this, I have lips that feel like they have been botoxed!

You see, I wanted something a tiny bit spicy, and as most of you know I cannot have spicy food but still the Asianess of me does make cameos from time to time so today, Eda was food processing chilly and she always keeps the last bit and mixes it with water so we do not waste all the chilly that gets stuck in the bottom, so guess what I did.  So now I have an upper lip that could give Angelina Jolie a run for her money!

My ingredient list does look funny and I would like to see if anyone can guess what vegetable is on the left hand corner of the cutting board.  And yes… I even added some orange peel in today’s recipe.  I wanted something Thai, but did not what something Thai,  you know when you want something but don’t want it.  So no limes and calamansi, I decided on orange peel.

I added some black soy sauce, something I almost never do unless I am making black sauce chicken or noodles and that too I have had complains that it is not black enough. My friend Sarah Carol calls me a Racist Chef!  I just do not like my food black.

Today my brother ate too so hence the portion is much bigger.  So here is today’s recipes.

Macaroni                                  1  cup  – boiled till al dente

Vegetable List:

Bean Sprouts                            1 handful

Leeks                                       a small bunch – to be cut into 3 cm lengths.

Mystery Vegetable                   a few pieces – TELL ME WHAT IT IS

Basil Leaves                             ½ cup

Tomato                                    1 large – sliced

Lemon Grass                            2 stalks – to be sliced

Orange Rind                             1 tbsp

Olive Oil

Chilly Water                             to your liking

Garlic                                       2 or 3 minced

A pinch of sugar

Fish Sauce                                to taste

Thick Soy Sauce                      1 tsp or a bit more – don’t like blackened  food.


  1. Heat oil in a wok, add in garlic.
  2. Add in chilly water. Once it boils, add in Mystery Vegetable.
  3. Leave Mystery Vegetable to cook as it takes a while to soften. (Clue One)
  4. Once it is softened, add in orange rind and lemon grass. Season at this stage.
  5. Leave to simmer and then add in tomatoes. Add in a bit of Thick Soy Sauce.
  6. You can smash the tomatoes in the pan.  If there is no liquid, then add a little water. Add in leeks and Basil leaves.
  7. Add in Macaroni, and stir through. You may increase the heat at this time.  Season again if necessary.
  8. Add in bean sprouts, give it a toss or two and its done!

My brother reckons, I should have added some meat or prawns. Well you try it and see.

And to the person who can be the first to tell me what the mystery vegetable is, I will bake you a set of Chocolate Muffins and you can pick it up from my house.

Going Balmy on Macaroni – Today’s Special – Kerabu Macaroni

Yes, I’m going crazy with my Macaroni.  Today’s creation is Kerabu Macaroni or Macaroni Salad Asian Style.  I don’t know how it came to me to do this but I was preparing to cook it when suddenly I saw my garden and realized some of the herbs needed to be picked, so there you have it. Easy as hell tasty too and if you want more chilly go ahead and add it in.

I was worried that the macaroni would not absorb the flavors as it is made of durum wheat but I was wrong. The flavors infused so well.  I will try something like this again.  As usual I had no vegetables in my fridge.





The recipe:

Macaroni                                                 ½ cup – cooked till al dente

Daun Kesum – Vietnamese Mint  ½ cup

Basil Leaves                                            ½ cup

Lemon Grass                                          2  stalks – to be sliced

Onion                                                        1 small – to be minced

Sambal Belacan                                   about 2 tbsp

Lemon Juice                                        2 tbsp or a little more

Sugar                                                       a pinch or two

Salt                                                           to taste

(Clockwise) - Lemon Juice, Daun Kesum (Vietnamese Mint), Salt, Onions, Lemon Grass, Sugar, Basil Leaves, Sambal Belacan










  1. Mix the sambal belacan, lemon juice, sugar and salt into a large bowl.
  2. Add in lemon grass and onions. Stir through.
  3. Add in macaroni.  Stir and taste. If you need to add in more sauce ingredients, do so now.
  4. Lastly add the leaves and stir.
  5. Eat immediately.

Note: You may cut down the leaves if you fine them a little spicy

Pasta for Rice… My No More Rice Movement

For a while now I have been noticing that every time I eat rice, I feel sick. It happens almost instantly as I finish the last spoonful and the horrible stuffed up gluggy feeling takes hours to go away.  I only eat about half cup of cooked rice and yet the feeling makes me feel like I have eaten a whole kilo.

I am sure this has something to do with some allergies because I also find myself using my puffer more when I consume rice.  I am asthmatic and somehow rice always makes me reach for my puffer.  It is worst when I have sushi, which I tend to go all out especially if I am with another greedy for sushi person.

So today, I will start taking more pasta, because I find when I consume pasta, and even if it is copious amounts, I never ever feel horrible, in fact I feel lighter then when I eat rice.  Strange phenomenon but somehow I have been suffering from this a fair bit now.

I love rice, I love nice lumpy rice and I can even eat it plain without anything going into it.  But today, I have made this decision to stop consuming rice unless I am in a social situation.

So today I cooked my first Asian Inspired Macaroni. Please take note, it would be a good idea to ensure a good ration of vegetables to go into your Macaroni or anything pasta related.  My ratio is one part pasta and two parts vegetables. This will ensure you have a good amount of fiber to go with your carbohydrates.

As you all know by now, I am a lazy cook when it comes to cooking for myself so rest assured, recipes will be easy and today’s recipe is what little things I found in the fridge.

So here goes.

Macaroni                                  ½ cup to be boiled al dente with salt

Capsicum                                 1 small – to be sliced

Tomato                                    1 medium – to be cut into segments

Onion                                       1 medium – to be sliced

Choy Sum Stems                      small hand full – I had leftover so I used it

Lemon Grass                            1 stalk – to be sliced

Chilly                                        1 – to be sliced

Olive oil                                    1 tbsp

Minced Garlic                           1 tbsp


Soy Sauce


  1. Heat pan and add in olive oil.  Sauté garlic.  Add bit in a tiny of water. Throw in chillies and lemon grass
  2. Add in all the other vegetables and sauté. Add in seasoning.  Do not over cook.
  3. Add in Macaroni. Stir fry, season with black pepper and taste. Increase heat to gie it a bit of Wok Hei
  4. Serve hot.