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Soup Day 14 – A Curried Soup

Today I felt like something different, maybe not a heavy soup or a light one but one that had to be just right.  I did not want something bland, or something that was too heavy and too tasty, but I wanted something that would give my taste buds a tiny bit of sensation.  So while digging through the fridge I found a Brinjal. Now a Brinjal could be curried and when cooked it would be quite mushy yet tasty as well.  So out came the Brinjal and a Tomato and I also found nice nicely diced onions, and I found a left over cabbage. So this was the beginning of my soup.

So here goes, Water  Sautéing Onions.  I will describe each photo.  First you boil a little water in a pot, not too much, not to little about ½ cup or so. Leave the water to boil and then toss in the onions.

Then toss the onions around either with a spoon or by jostling the pot around to move the onions.  Let it cook on steady heat.  By now the water would have lessened.

Have a cup of water ready. Toss the onions around, and watch them get brown.  Don’t let it burn, they can brown really fast so keep moving it around so it will not burn,

When it is brown enough and by now it should be totally dry, add in the cup of water. The color will be an instant brown.  So there you go, next time you want to sauté something try this method.

So now we can begin with our soup

Curried Vegetable Soup

Round Brinjal                                       1 – to be cut into large cubes

Tomato                                                1 medium – to be roughly chopped

Cabbage Leaves                                   2 or 3 – randomly torn

Curry Powder                                      ½ tsp or a little more if you wish

Chicken Powder                                   ½ tsp

Salt                                                      to taste


  1. Once you have sautéed the onions as explained below, add in the brinjals and tomatoes.  Let it simmer till the Brinjal is soft and almost not visible.
  2. Season and add in the curry and chicken powder.  Add in the Cabbage Leaves.
  3. Once Cabbage leaves are soft,  remove from heat and serve. 

I found this soup to be really nice and tasty and my brother who has been turning his nose up to my soups of late actually ate most of it.  So I only had half a bowl of soup today and nothing much else.  Shocking right?