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Soup Day 13 – Still Souping Away

Today’s soup is a little overdue. I was busy yesterday and I am sure you can notice from the blog what I was up to, so today I will be uploading two soups I made today.  Its hard to believe this is Day 13, and I am still plodding along.

Today’s soup is well, as usual rather simple. Its just broccoli and Kei Chee soup.  Kei Chee gives out such a nice flavor to anything you add it to and a very rich color as you will notice in the photo.

I am only using three ingredients for this gloriously light soup, and as quickly as it simmers, you will notice the richness in its color.

Broccoli and Kei Chee Soup

Broccoli                                   1 small cut into florets

Kei Chee                                  3 tbsp

Garlic                                       1 clove – to be sliced

Water                                       1 cup



  1. Boil water with Kei Chee and Garlic. Leave to simmer for about 20 minutes so a nice rich color of strong tea will appear.
  2. Add in Broccoli, leave this a little longer as in soups broccoli should be a little bit softer.
  3. Add salt, serve hot.