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Kokonda – by Fijian Domestic Goddess Angela Ramacake Birch

Kokonda is a Fijian staple that I have always loved. The fact that most of you know I do not like anything fishy, would make you wonder why Kokonda. Well it’s like a salad of sorts.

Funnily long time ago I attempted to make Kokonda. I found the recipe in an Australia Womens Weekly and to think they copied the recipe from the Fijians renamed it and Australiafied a few ingredients and called it their own.  I used to eat Kokonda quite a bit when I was at University when I had quite a few friends who used to make it, unfortunately Angela was not quite the Domestic Goddess back then as she is now.

In fact I also have a Kokonda recipe in my Recipe book, Healthy Eating Recipes for the Asian Palate.

Now I was in  Fiji in April and I really did not want to eat anything heavy that night so Angela decided to make Kokonda.  Originally Kokonda has coconut cream in it but you can opt from using coconut.

Here is Angela’s recipe – Simple, tasty and comforting…

Any Solid White Fish – Mahi Mahi or Tuna, or even Mackeral (skin removed)   500gm

Bush Lemons or Lemons to taste                                                                              5 or 6

Chilly (Birds Eye) –                                                                                                  2

Salt to taste

Alternatively I am sure you can throw in salad vegetables like tomatoes and capsicums cut in to small pieces or diced just before serving or in Angela’s case, she uses coconut water.  Alternatively you can do what Angela does, she adds in fresh coconut water into it.

  1. Lovingly Cut the fish into little bite size cubes.

2.  Squeeze luscious bush lemons and make sure seeds are removed.  You can use as many as you like, its up to your own taste.  You also add in the coconut water at this stage, about a cup or so.

3.  Add a little salt and stir through. Leave aside for about 30 minutes or so.  You may fridge it for a few hours.

4.  Slice some birdseye chillies, now I really do not know where this chillie habit came from because as far back as I’ve known Angela, she could never eat anything spicy… nowwwww… she eats spicier stuff then me.

Leave the kokonda for a few minutes and you may drain out some of the juice before serving. Now after a nice, healthy dish like Kokonda, nothing beats this…..

A good old TIM TAM!!! And don’t ask me how she likes to have her Tim Tam these days, ask Danny Lim, he left a little legacy in Fiji!

By the way, Angela has a fair few recipes I need to scab off her, her muesli bars and biscotti..

Miss you Angela and Meretalai…See you next year.