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Aunty Nan C’s 68th Birthday Cake 10 / 10 /10

Well the 10 / 10/ 10 comes but once in a blue moon and so this cake and cupcakes were something that suddenly came to my mind with the help of my friend Hafiq and Hanifi.  I think by far this was the hardest cupcakes I have done simply because we made everything by hand, the dots and icing, the fondant. Everything was by hand except for the little red heart which given the chance we would have made as well.

A freshly painted cake

This is Hafiq’s and Hanifi’s first foray into cake decorating. And I must say they were extremely good.  Here is what we made.

This is the first time I also tried cake painting, and after more then 20 years of not holding a paintbrush to actually paint, I finally overcame the fear and did it. Well I did the

Shi Quan Shi Mei - I have horrible handwriting.

words, and Hanifi did the rest, but now I have the guts to do so and will conduct a class on cake painting real soon. I suddenly feel I can do it so let me do it a few more times. Then I will teach it at class.

Initially we were all worried because once painted if things go wrong we had all of a few hours to have a back up plan, but once we got started, it was really a redeeming feeling.

It was a good thing too that I tried it because cake painting is different

The Roses have been added

from the way flowers are painted. When I do my flower making class, painting method is different. Well its all a learning process and now I want to paint cakes.

I am and so were the boys, really excited with the end product.  The effect was way above my expectations, and I believe this is excellent team work.  And it really was because the cupcakes took nearly 8 hours to finish and that two with two people doing it and the cake took a total 7 hours to finish with three sets of hands. And the result!

The view from the top



Cupcakes Galore

Cupcake making started all by accident. I never thought I had it in me to make cupcakes till one day I was forced to but a friend. And then it took off.

I made a batch of 100 cupcakes for this little girl on Saturday, and although it was a big rush, the oohhs and ahhhs I got and a couple of wows made it all worth it.

Happy Cupcakes

I like making cupcakes that make people smile and think happy thoughts. The kind of cupcakes that brings out the child in us and it has happened a few times when older people come for a party and they see the cupcakes arranged on the table, you see that little child in their eyes and the excitement of going back to their childhood.

Cupcake making is not something you can rush, while yes you may rush but at the back of your head you need to plan what you want to do and should already have a rough idea.  I do have moments when I have Cupcake Making Block, and then you will see a totally different side of my piping capabilities. When I am not rushed and am in a happy mood, it is also different.

Call me the Moody Cupcake Decorator.

Decorating cupcakes too does not require much skill, it requires you to bring out the inner child in you.  The inner child we all wish to forget because we are so grown up. Sometimes it is this inner child that we choose to hide is what hinders our creative juices.  I tell that to all my students when they come to class.  I never teach them particular patterns, I teach them to let out what’s inside. And in the end it works out fine and you see a whole room full of grownups having a good happy time making cupcakes.