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January 2016 Cooking and Baking Classes

Saturday January 16th 10 to 1pm

School Recess Food

Nutrition is always an issue for school going kids.  Learn to make some easy fridgeable foods for school recess that withstands the heat and still looks good. This is even good for breakfast and also during breaks.

  1. Granola Bars
  2. Chicken and Cheese Muffins
  3. Mini Bread Fritatas

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)


Saturday January 16th 2.30 to 5.30

Bak Kwa Class


Learn to make Chicken Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year.

Parts of the class will be held outdoors so please wear something comfortable in case it gets hot.

Please bring a container to take your Bak Kwa home.

Price Per Person: $80. (Class will commence once there are six students)


Sunday January 17th 10 to 1 pm

Sweet and Fruity Bread Class and other old tea treats.

I like Fruity Breads, but not so much the sweet part, but at times it is nice.  You will learn to make to make a European Sweet and Fruity Bread, an two old fashioned tea favorites all using dried fruits.


  1. Kugelhopf – only because I want to show off my new mould
  2. Florentines – the days when sugar was loved
  3. Eccles Cakes – Fruitiness Encased in Puff Pastry.

Price Per Person: $110 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)


Sunday January 17th 2.30 to 5.30

Sweet Little Teatime Treats

Sometime I just like nice pretty little things for Tea.  Learn to make;

Japanese Crepe

  1. Japanese Crepes
  2. Cream Puffs
  3. Butter Tarts

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)


Saturday January 23rd 11 to 1 pm  

Heart Stopping Roti Jala Desserts

Roti Jala or Net Pancake is not only good with curries but also as a dessert.  Today you will learn two desserts using Roti Jala.

  1. Roti Jala Recipe
  2. Roti Jala with Durian – Serawa Durian
  3. Roti Jala with Sticky Rice and Mango

Price Per Person: $110 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)


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Classes will be held at 70 Road 14/24 Petaling Jaya.  Please call 016 6827465 or email cookingwithnicholas@gmail.com to book and to make any enquiries. 

Please follow my blog www.nicholaspillai.wordpress.com


Fees are to be paid once you make a booking, if a class is canceled you will be refunded.  If fees are not paid, your name will be not be placed on the list.





New Bread Class September 15th 2.30 pm

The September 17th class is already full, so I have opened up a new date for the bread making class. Hope to see yous there.

Saturday 15th September 2.30 to 5.30
Let’s make Bread – CLASS IS FULL

Learn to make;

1. Foccacia Bread
2. Ciabatta
3. Five Seed Bread

Price Per Person: $90

This is a fully hands on session. Class will commence once there are 6 students.