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An Evening at Kuala Selangor – JT Seafood or Jetty Seafood

I am rather geographically challenged. I do not know why I suddenly decided to go to Kuala Selangor but in my mind Selangor was where I lived so it cannot be that far and wide…. Well I was wrong.. so so wrong!

After a long two hour drive, I think it was about that and even stopping to make sure Colin did not get lost seeing that he was with Maria and Michelle and of course my dad, we finally reached this idyllic locale, which I still had no clue off even though I was standing there and stretching my legs after that horribly long drive. I really thought it was about 30 minutes away max!

Well we reached and we parked right in front of these wooden shops which actually made it look like it was some part of Ipoh. Mind you the Ipoh that I remember is quite old, but here we were at Kuala Selangor, my first trip, fatigue, crumpled up and I was going to eat SEAFOOD!!!! Now how do I get myself into predicaments like this when knowing full well I hate long drives, I hate sitting at the back with not much ventilation, I hate Seafood, and there I was in the land known for its oh so wonderfully fresh seafood and I was the one who decided to go there.

We were greeted by the sight of wonderful local delights which I was always

Hong Peang – Fresh from the Oven…

under the impression that only Penang had these things. But this was wafting hot out of the oven. I had never had Hong Peang hot hot in my life always a few days old from a plastic bag. It was wonderful. Next time you have some stick them in your toaster oven it makes such a lot of difference.

The flaky pastry together with the sticky gooey filling was comfort food at its best. Now I shall never touch a cold one unless I have an oven available.

Then I did the touristy thing and walked around looking at all the dried sea produce, stuff like this would cost a bomb where I am but here it was fresh, and like A grade compared to what we got here and mind you this was still Selangor.

They even had Palm Sugar, the good one for Onde Onde. So I bought a few to pass to Dan who was then in an Onde Onde making mood. He never got it though, cos I used it in one of my classes.

Then we walked into the restaurant. Now I have been to one other seafood restaurant in Klang way back in 2004 a day after the Tsunami and even then I had this eerie feeling everything was going to come crashing down when the waves hit us. And there were waves too that night in Kuala Selangor and every time the bigger boats passed by there was a tiny movement, possibly only I felt.


So we ordered. Now not being a seafood person I was a little perplexed so I ordered Tofu and while walking to the table we noticed the all quintessential PETAI! So Petai was ordered.
The first dish that came was the last dish we ordered which was the Petai. Never had us mainland people seen so much Petai on a plate served in restaurant before. We looked at it with glee. Mum said it was from around here and so it was fresh and crunchy. I personally think it was just thrown in a really hot wok and tossed in a ready sambal. It has a nice wok hei lingering after taste actually since I ate it without rice.

Then the Spinach with Anchovies came. It was nice, simple, just the right amount of stock and not salty. In other words it was good and Baby Michelle and I just loved it.  I liked the broth, obviously made of seafood but not strong and overwhelming.

The crabs were next, now I was kind of disappointed. No one told  you that you had to order mud crabs, I took it for granted you order crabs you get the good stuff.. We had flower crabs. The Salted Egg Yolk one which I like because I can scrape the shell and eat the curry leaves. I love fried curry leaves especially with that hint of salted egg yolk around it. According to the rest the crab was nice and of course fresh. Saw the poor buggers swimming a few minutes earlier. I had a taste and yes it was not too crabby even for the likes of me.  I did lick the shells, I like licking shells.

Next was Oyster Omelet which was literally Oyster Omelet. I expected Or Chien, but this was just egg much like a korean pancake. It was nice, I guess the shock was still setting in because us mainland people do get bigger oysters when we eat around PJ and KL.  It was not a personal favorite.  We were going to choose the other one but we thought it was different.  It was floury but pleasant.  Not too Oyster flavored because the oysters were fresh

Mantis Prawn was next on the list. Ok hassle free seafood lay right across me, just pick up with chop stick and eat away. The hint of Marmite was just nice. This was a favorite.  Somehow mantis prawns to me have to be eaten without the skin.  They are dangerous fellas when they are in the sea as they can attack you if they are big enough.  So this is how I like my seafood. Note it does not even look like seafood.  On the whole rather enjoyable.

Then we ordered tofu for the non seafood eating people. Seafood Tofu it seems. I loved it, it was home made and had enough seafood tofu ratio unlike what we get here at times. I think they could have cut it smaller so it would be more bite size, but that’s me, I like my foods small. It was served with a rather insipid sauce though.

Not my favorite came next, grilled sting ray. Everyone was excited to see it, I took a taste and the fish flavor overwhelmed me. Everyone reckoned it was perfect, I guess from the way everyone else ate, it must have been good. Even the gravy tasted fishy. Not my cup of tea, but I am sure I would have eaten it if it was Salmon or Tuna. To me the flavor did not complement the fish and it was somehow not combined well at all. Maybe the fish was so fresh it did not need a marinade to rid of the fishy flavor. I am bad at this, so don’t take my word on its awfulness I am sure to others it would be just fine.

So finally we finished and realized we were not that satisfied so we ordered Or Chien which as you can see was a typical Oyster Omelet or like a Telur Dadar. I have to say this made my evening. I liked it heaps, could have had one more helping actually. This time the oysters were biggish and fresh.  It was a bit different from what we get around PJ, at least the places I have been.

The night ended and somehow it was a lot quicker then the trip to Kuala Selangor….. NOW WE HAD TO DRIVE BACK!!!!

Never again will I suggest such foodie escapades unless we are staying the night somewhere.

Do try this place though, my blog here is biased simply because I don’t know what they hell I was doing and deciding to have a seafood meal…. (Still shaking my head)

Now the trip back was even longer…. My brother took a wrong turn just as we reached the Sungai Buloh exit. So near yet so far!

Before I end.. My favorite Salted Fish!!!

Hari Raya Eid il Fitr 2012

When I was a kid we always went visiting during Hari Raya. In the mornings or early afternoon we went to Aunty Shina’s and in the evening we went to see Aunty Zan… alas that has not happened for a long long time. Aunty Shina passed away 20 years ago and I think we have not seen Aunty Zan for a much longer time.

Now as a kid, the highlight of Hari Raya of yesteryears was the myriad cookies that would be placed in front of us especially at Aunty Shina’s house. The variety and quality still remains unsurpassed till this day, because they used the best ingredients to make all their cookies and sweets. It was the time when people never bought their cookies unlike nowadays.

And Ketupat and Kuah Kacang (peanut sauce) somehow may be available all year round but during this festival it always tasted different. I can just have copious amounts of the two and nothing else and it would be the best time for me.

Well this year since I did not have the time to visit due to classes and all, so I was spoilt by Hafiq who sent me my tray of goodies, nothing sweet just heaps of Carbs, yes you got it right, Ketupats (Note the plural sense) and Kuah Kacang.

So my array of goodies, and we shall go clockwise, Ketupat, or Compressed Rice, Peanut Sauce, Ketupat Palas, Lemang and in the middle Rendang Minang.

Briefly let me explain what is what and also how it can be prepared.

Now the Ketupat or compressed rice can be bought in little plastic sachets and boiled till done.  The original one would be the ones wrapped in leaves which I had the previous day and forgot to take photos.  Thoese were awesome.  I should check to see if my market has them again before the season ends.



Ketupat Palas is made of glutinous rice and is wrapped differently compared to the rest.  It is a flat traingle and I may be wrong but they use acertain palm leaves.  Ketupat Palas is not something all Malaysians make only certain groups do typically from the North, but I guess over time with migration and intermarriages, it is practically found all over.  Puan Faridah Ketupat Palas had soy beans in it much like the Chinese Bak Chung except Bak Chung does not have any coconut milk in it.  It is a tiny bit sweeter as well.

Lemang is something a person like me would never make although I did try to make it in Australia for my friend Salmah Khalid, but I failed because I didn’t know how to start a fire and the fact that I had bamboo that could fit about a teaspoonfull of glutinous rice and I absolutely didn’t have any banana leaves which I actually forgot made the job very messy.  So in the end I steamed it.

Lemang is prepared over an opened fire. and takes a lot of time and people like me who never likes cooking outdoors it is something that I will not try.  Lemang when made right with the right crispiness, is just wonderful to eat.  The one Hafiq gave me seems to be the perfect size, not too thick.  Lemang is rich and contrary to the belief that because it contains coconut cream it can get bad easily,  this is not true.  Well cooked Lemang, can last a few days even without refrigeration.

And the bowl in the middle, Rendang Minang which I was just informed was a slightly tweaked recipe.  It was wonderfully tender and actually tasted better the next day when I reheated it.  The beef was cook to just the right toughness.  I like my meat a trite bit tough so there is bite.  This Beef Rendang had spice in it unlike other Rendangs which usually have herbs like Lemon Grass, Galangal and Turmeric leaves.  This was perfectly cooked for me that is.  This takes hours to prepare and Puan Faridah, Fiq’s mum did all this in a rush only because I asked.  I’m so rude.

Finally, Peanut Sauce. Now I love Peanut Sauce.  I don’t like my peanut sauce with Satay butI love it as a salad dressing of sorts.  I love it with my ketupat any day any time.  In fact as I am typing this I have the sudden urge to have it again. I wonder if the market has it today?  Puan Faridah’s Peanut Sauce is crunchy, and again this differs because some make it smooth like a broth, some make it half and half and some make it super crunchy that you are able to see who peanuts.  I like mine half and half, a tiny bit sweet, and not too spicy.

So there you go, my Hari Raya moment, thanks to Hafiq and his mum Puan Faridah.  Thank you so much and Selamat Hari Raya everyone.