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Japanese Bread and Potato Bread Class

It was a cool cool day, and I had to finish off an order for the evening as well as make sure my class was ready for 2 pm. Kam Wai Peng got two of her friends, Meow Yin and Celia and since Wai Peng though quiet as she was in the last class did look like the kind who could be a fire cracker so I thought why not, just have the class. I knew it would be a fun class

So at 2 pm, they all were in my kitchen ready to rock and roll, and guess what? I had no recipe!!!

My printer decided to act up and so brother dearest was asked to download drivers and for some reason those drivers did not work, so out came the thumb drive at 1.15 pm and saw my brother rushing around to look for a printer.

By the way, for this class I decided to get some muscle strength in the form of BFF Hafiq. And he was there on time at 2 pm and still no RECIPES!

Finally it came, so of we started. This was a fully hands on class so the two

Wai Peng getting a little Posey

portions of the recipe was made and then the fun started with the kneading which was the longest part of the class…. A whole 30 minutes! It was fun puffing and heaving and I noticed one of my students seemed quite seasoned in what she was doing… she had everything down pat. I feel however, the three ladies today were pretty seasoned and did not mind getting

Everyone Getting Busy

into the groove of things unlike some of the other classes where I get one or two dainty darlings, who leave such an impression on the rest. This bunch rocked! I think if I gave them a whole big basin of flour to mess around with, they would have done it with glee. This attitude is important in my classes.

Hafiq showing the girls that kneading is a Man thing!

Thank goodness Hafiq was there to lend a hand because ordinarily I would never make this bread for my own consumption because of the hard work. Hafiq is my Kneader for this class and having done this class before he could take control of a few things, albeit a

Celia showing her kneading skills

bit of shyness at the beginning, because everyone thought he was in the food business and not the Engineer that he really is.

The Potato Bread was easy though and it probably breath a sigh of relief to everyone when they found out kneading time is only 10 minutes.

Nicely Proofed Bread from the hot car

Now with cool weather, proofing bread can take a little longer, moreover it started to drizzle when I placed the bread outside, so Mother was around and suggested the car which was hot of course, so off the bread went into the hot car to be proofed. And it did proof well and faster too.

For today, we made Sausage Bread, Dried

Todays Produce

Prawns Sambal filled rolls, Savory Loaves with Cheese and Dried Prawn Sambal with Cheese and Mexican Buns which I seriously doubt comes from Mexico. The photos speak for itself and everyone packed heaps of breads to take home. First batch of Mexican Buns looked messy because the butter that we stuffed into the

Meow Yin - Star Student of the Day making Dried Prwans Sambal Rolls

bread roll was rather large, so it seeped out and made the coffee topping spread, but when the coffee topping became crispy, it was actually a rather nice butter coffee flavor. And I am not a coffee person by nature.

Some were not convinced that one can fuse Cheese and Sambal, but let them go home and taste it. I think the taste is just so wonderful, because I do it all the time. Wai Peng the person that she is who experiments thought the flavor would be nice.

Fried Onions with Cheese also drew a few looks of wonderment, but I made it the other day and my customers seemed to like it.

In the end everyone felt the potato bread was easier and by far more tasty and fluffy. And I informed everyone that this bread lasted longer then the Japanese Bread.