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Kong Heng Pork Satay – Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh Old Town. Ipoh Perak

Satay in the morning anyone? Chapter 4 – Satay Lunch

Well I was told by my mum to try the pork satay. I have never been fond of pork satay having tasted it a few times in PJ and KL and once long ago in Malacca. I didn’t see anything so special about the meat although everyone tended to rave about it a lot. I kind of mentioned it to Seok Hean so after our scrumptious breakfast, we left dropped Ah Yoke Cher at the supermarket to buy Arrowhead Potatoes (Ngaku) and then we dropped Mrs Teoh back and kind of rested a little bit before running off to pick up Ah Yoke Cher with huge supermarket bags full of large Arrowheads. I don’t think my mum ever bought these big ones and they looked so fresh and nice compared to what we get here. And better still it is like RM2 cheaper then KL…. Shocking I think!

So anyhow we went through the town and I noticed so many old places that would only be something of yesteryears in KL. Old Tradesmen, Tin Smiths, Old style Sundry Shops and many old shops which sold kitchen equipment. So we trundled on and I must say it was quite a hot day. We have been getting this cold weather in KL that Ipoh proved to be a little bit too hot at times. We passed this little stall selling cookies and Chinese goodies, and I had planned to stop by after lunch to get some stuff. The restaurant was full, hustle and bustle and everything that a normal coffee shop would be on a public holiday. There were nicely dressed people, there were very sexy people, there were some who needed to be dressed by someone kind of people, it was as if you could be anyone in Ipoh, big small, and everything but when you wanted pork satay… you came here! I wondered to myself if Michelle Yeoh ever sat on the chair I was sitting?

The Satay came. Now these were rather big sticks of pork satay. I have always been used to the Dawning of the Extinction of Pig kind in PJ where they serve miniscule size pork satay. The size is so small that if you left it on the plate long enough it would dry! These were succulent pieces made to perfection. The meat was tender and well spiced and while I did think it could have been a tiny bit more burnt but on the whole it was perfect. Even the bit of complimentary fat on the stick was well seasoned. It was sweet fat! I never had sweet fat before unless you count bak gua. This was sweet with a satay flavor.

close up of sheer succulence

The liver satay was also well marinated in that, you did not get the gory liver flavor. It was cooked so well that it did not have a bitter aftertaste, which can happen in most the preparation of liver from most four legged animals. The intestines were clean and well marinated that if you ate it in the dark you would not know what you were eating. It was really nice.

And the gravy, I was expecting lousy gravy because most cases nice satay always came with sad looking and tasting gravy and lousy satay always came with nice gravy, this is the KL and PJ satay situation.  Not at Kong Heng. The Satay Gravy was just nice and it complemented the meat very well.  I wanted ketupat though!!!!!

Kudos to the cook whom I am told is an old man who has been cooking there for many years, many many years in fact when Seok was a little girl her dad would take here there. And he was old back then too. So now we believe his son has taken over. Now this plate of satay is like bottomless because every time your plate is half empty it is filled with fresh satay and when the owner feels you need to be made more special, he will empty your plate and give you fresh hot satay. I thought this was quite quaint. Health wise and cleanliness wise I cannot say because I don’t know where my satay went, so I shan’t comment.

While everyone had bowls of noodles and even crème caramel, yes they serve crème caramel too, I was too busy with my satay that I forgot to take photos. I thought the crème caramel was divine!

Next time I will take photos for sure. So what’s for dinner????