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Todays Lunch – Pasta and Veg with an Unbelievable Dressing

Today I felt like eating something light. I am having one of my moments I guess so out came the pasta and I boiled it al dente of coure.

I first thought of doing a Pasta Veggie Stir Fry but then I thought I really did not need anymore oil thanks to some curry puffs Eda made. Then Eda pulls out a Tupperware of nicely sliced lotus root from the freezer and we are both wondering when and how it got there, I am sure Yus had something to do with that.  So Lotus Root was one of the ingredients in my salad.

Then I had some Tao Miu (Can’t remember it’s a sprout of some sort) which I threw in and a tomato just for some color.

The dressing:

Malt Vinegar                   1 tbsp

Maggi Seasoning            1 tbsp

Sweet Chilly Sauce        1 tbsp

Nam Yee (Smelly Tofu) 1 tsp – although I think it should be 1 tbp


Mix the salad and dressing together and enjoy it.

sheer delight

My friend Carol Shun kind of went all quiet on me when I sms’d her the ingredients. It was nice and light I should say. I like simplicity with a lot of punch!

I have to add after eating and looking at the photo, I think a teensy bit of sesame seeds would have been nice sprinkled on the top and perhaps some grated orange rind and thinly sliced lemon grass.  Just a thought after I ate it and looked properly at the photo.

You should try it. The versatility of Nam Yee is plenty.  Should introduce more recipes soon.