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Elephant Rock Café – 776 Pacific Parade, Currumbin Beach QLD 4223 Website: http://www.elephantrock.com.au

We chanced upon Elephant Rock Café quite by accident. Only because it rained and there was no where to take shade except this unassuming little restaurant in front of Currumbin Beach.  In fact at first glance you would not think it was much of a place because it was not crowded as it was way past lunch time.  Anyhow we plodded in all soggy and wet and  I caught sight of their pastries and cakes and what caught my eye instantly was their Tofu Cheese Cake. Now I have always like Tofu Cheese Cake and have yet to find one that was good. I am talking of a yearning that dates back to Oprah Winfrey’s Cookbook in 1993  which featured this recipe but I never ever tried it.  I have had Tofu Cheesecake before and it was catastrophic! Not once, not twice, but many a time. But I decided to take the chance today.

Ok before I get started, I have to say there was no signboard except for the little blackboard, now this made me raise my eyebrows a little bit wondering if this cafe was an ordinary cafe with a little bit of thrills and frills thrown in.  Well, NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! or in this case NEVER JUDGE  A RESTAURANT JUST BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE A SIGNBOARD!

Dan of course said he was not hungry, but that as usual is always left to be seen.  In the end he ordered  a Spicy Tomato Juice, with the Menu of the day which was a Trevalla  with potatoes and vegetables with a tangy creamy sauce topped with a tomato salsa.

Now I really did not know what to expect as while sitting inside Elephant Rock Café and having the Owner and her very beautiful daughter sitting in front of you, you realize this place is a nice hangout on a lazy afternoon. Perfect for the Ladida kind! In fact the Owner and her Beautiful Daughter and their friends that day with the cute baby did look the perfect picture of the Ladida Kind!

Then looking at the menu which you can actually find on their website, you realize that this is actually quite a nice place which features very modern Australian Cuisine, something that I had yet to try, and in fact all through our holiday, we never ever had the chance to do so again.

I never hung out at Elephant Rock when I lived on the Gold Coast because we always hung out at Surfers Paradise. But somehow in the last ten years, the more happening places seem to be moving south.

The Spicy Tomato Juice was simply divine.  It was different and with the black pepper sprinkled over it, it went down your throat with a funny feel, that was refreshing yet heaty.  It was a cold beverage but suitable for a cold wet day.  I had a pot of tea because I was wet and cold and was having dessert.

My Tofu Cheese Cake was just simply scrumptious. It was like satin and absolutely no taste of tofu whatsoever, it was milky but in a lightish soy kind of way, and being a person who is only so so with cheesecake, this was really nice.  Comforting, light and in a modern setting. I could have had another piece, but weighty issues did not permit me.  But now looking at it I wish I did.

Now Dan’s fish was really out of this world.  The taste was a mixture of sour, sweet, tangy, and you could distinctly taste the ingredients in the dressing and it went superbly with the potatoes and the vegetables.  The fish….. coming from a non fish eater was perfect as the picture. It was perfectly cooked, just a slight bit underdone as it should be crispy on the outside, wet and tasty on the inside.  When you eat this fish you will know what a Trevalla tastes like. In fact if the chef cooked ten different types of fish exactly the same way, you would still be able to distinctly tastes the ten different flavors of each fish. I believe the chef was that talented. And the sauce which was divinely satiny similar to a lemon Beurre Blanc, but with a tinge of something I could not get my finger on.  Perhaps Dan was eating too fast and I did not have a chance to taste it enough.

The gelling of Eastern and Western Flavors was done so naturally it made fusion cuisine look really look passé.  In fact the whole menu was like a perfect combination of flavors from the two different worlds.

Kudos to the chef of Elephant Rock Café.  Kudos to the Owner for creating such a scrumptious little place. And finally the bill presented with love, now who can argue when something is so lovingly presented.

Do check out the website as it gives you a whole picture and trust me it’s all true! I will 100% go back to Elephant Rock Café when I go back to the Gold Coast next year. I would describe this restaurant as a very well thought of restaurant which will give bigger names a run for its money in the near future.

Elephant Rock Café has far to go.  It should be somewhere more major to take on the big guys! Thumbs up Elephant Rock Café!