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Todays Lunch – Pasta and Veg with an Unbelievable Dressing

Today I felt like eating something light. I am having one of my moments I guess so out came the pasta and I boiled it al dente of coure.

I first thought of doing a Pasta Veggie Stir Fry but then I thought I really did not need anymore oil thanks to some curry puffs Eda made. Then Eda pulls out a Tupperware of nicely sliced lotus root from the freezer and we are both wondering when and how it got there, I am sure Yus had something to do with that.  So Lotus Root was one of the ingredients in my salad.

Then I had some Tao Miu (Can’t remember it’s a sprout of some sort) which I threw in and a tomato just for some color.

The dressing:

Malt Vinegar                   1 tbsp

Maggi Seasoning            1 tbsp

Sweet Chilly Sauce        1 tbsp

Nam Yee (Smelly Tofu) 1 tsp – although I think it should be 1 tbp


Mix the salad and dressing together and enjoy it.

sheer delight

My friend Carol Shun kind of went all quiet on me when I sms’d her the ingredients. It was nice and light I should say. I like simplicity with a lot of punch!

I have to add after eating and looking at the photo, I think a teensy bit of sesame seeds would have been nice sprinkled on the top and perhaps some grated orange rind and thinly sliced lemon grass.  Just a thought after I ate it and looked properly at the photo.

You should try it. The versatility of Nam Yee is plenty.  Should introduce more recipes soon.

Soup Day 16 – Today I need light soup

Yesterday was a rich kind of soup, then I ate a bit of nonsense… ok maybe too much nonsense, so today I feel like eating something light and easy and no fuss but must be tasty since the last few days I have been having tasty soups.

I was looking for the Tau Foo Fa man last night, the one who cheated me off RM1 the other day. I will tell him off just you see, but I needed Tau Foo Fa but he was not there.  I am sure he will be there later.

Today I want to make a soup using Tau Foo Fa because it is a lot smoother then then soft tofu, and it will be with a green vegetable which I have not picked, and I was thinking of adding some Nam Yee (Fremented Bean Curd Paste) just for some kick.  Nam Yee is nice, it stinks and can make you sick as is most Asian foods that we all like but its versatility in Asian cooking is yet to be untapped.  You can make wonderful fried chicken, even in prawn dishes, a light coating mixed with this and that and fried like fritters is simply wonderful.  It can be added to vegetables as well, so dull insipid veggies is given a new life.  It can be used to make interesting dips as well.  Well enough said, here is today’s recipe.

Green Veggies with Silken Bean Curd

Green Vegetable Preferably Leafy                     1 bunch

Tau Foo Fa                                                      1 bowl

Nam Yee                                                         1 tiny bit according to your taste

Garlic                                                               1 clove – to be minced

Pepper to taste

A little Water


  1. Boil Water and Garlic, add in Vegetables.
  2. Once Veggies are soft, add in Nam Yee and gradually add in Tau Foo Fa without adding the water.
  3. Do not stir too much or the Tau Foo Fa will break up. Season and leave to simmer gently for about 2 minutes.
  4. Eat immediately.