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Picnic at Bukit Cerakah

I have not been to a picnic for a gabazillion years, I think the last proper picnic I had was when I was in kindergarten…Assunta Kindergarten that is. I remember back then we went to Taman Jaya, and it was such a big thrill to get donuts and a drink, I remember well enough because that is all we had.

Anyhow back to the present, Grace organized a picnic and so I decided to do something of a must have staple, only because I saw it on TV on Astro 105 when the golden age of Malay movies and there was a picnic scene on the beach so I got kind of nostalgic, and of course Sandwiches and trying to be a bit more current I included Chicken and Mushroom Quiche and Rich Chocolate Muffins.

For the Sandwiches I did not bother cutting away the skin of the wholemeal bread simply because the bread was too fresh, and I just did not want to waste it and also it does not dry off so easily. It was filled with Cheese and Chicken, with Carrot and Salad and slathered with a tiny bit of butter.  The flavors mixed well I should say, though I would have preferred it colder.  Must rectify that then next round.

As for the Quiche, I left them in their foil containers so it was easy to eat as the pastry was crumbly, and it was filled with chicken and mushroom  and with cheese and of course milk and eggs to congeal the filling to make it a Quiche.  There are a myriad ways of making Quiche.  This was by far the easiest.

The Chocolate Muffins I made actually did well in the heat because the chocolate chips inside the muffin oozed out in a chocolate lava kind of manner.  It looked sinfully rich and yes it was of course.  The muffins were in their cup cake wrappers so that was easy enough. Forgot to add the orange peel in it though.

I must say the photos courtesy of Alexander Lee was well taken.

We had Nasi Lemak a must have staple I feel, and of course the rest that I mentioned. These photos speaks for it self. By the way I made Nasi Lemak kukus ok…. Not the rice cooker one but actually steamed the rice. Always tastes nicer I think.

There was another group there of parents with kids and they were celebrating a birthday party. Now Busy body of course peeked and saw they had colorful mini steamed cakes, fried rice, noodles, and even a whole leg of lamb which they cut in my presence and gleefully explaining its ingredients as it was cut like it was a cheap cut of meat. I thought this was rather a waste since leg of lamb is not cheap and perhaps the more hygienic thing to do was to have sliced it at home and pour gravy on it to keep it moist. They also had a birthday cake which I noticed was old fashioned butter icing. Something that most people sneer and turn away because of its sweetness. So it was nice to this happening in front of my eyes.

I feel the choices of foods for a picnic is important. I chose what I made simply because it was no hassle, did not spill except for the Sambal which I cling wrapped. The rest were placed in Tupperware and it did not even break.

Another factor is flavor after like three hours of cooking. The rice was fine because it was placed in a thermos flask, the rest of the Nasi Lemak accompaniments were put into disposable containers. This seemed to work out well as we did not have that far to walk and with these containers, it did not catch any flies and ants though we did get Migdies hovering around due to the smell.

Check out the photos. I hope Grace does another picnic. Wonder what I will cook then,

One thing to note!!!!! BRING ICE!