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August Culinary Classes

Cookies for Hari Raya
Sunday August 7th – 10 to 1 pm
Thursday August 18th – 10 to 1pm
This is a fully hands on session where you will be making all three types of cookies.  You will learn,
1.     Chocolate Chip Cookies
2.     Almond London
3.     Butter Cookies
Price Per Person: $120 (Minimum 4 in a class) This is a fully hands on class.
Please bring containers and come dressed comfortably.
Private Class: $400
Tea Time Favorites
Sunday August 7th 2.30 to 5 pm
Three of my favorite teatime favorites, tested and tried too many times
1.     Fluffy Lemon Filled Cupcakes with Meringue topping    
2.     Lemon Puffs 

3.     Chourros
Price Per Person: $100 (Minimum 4 in a class)  Private Class: $400
Northern Indian Vegetarian Cooking
Saturday August 13th – 2 to 5 pm
This is a partially hands on class where you will learn to make the following,
1.     Vegetarian Biryani
2.     Aloo Gobi
3.     Paneer
4.     Palak Paneer
5.     Roghani Kumbh – Mushroom with a rich onion and tomato gravy
Price Per Person: $120 (Minimum 5 in a class)  Please bring containers to take home your food.  Private Class: $500
Happy Cupcakes
Sunday August 14th – 10 to 1pm
Wednesday August 31st – 2 to 5 pm
Learn to make and decorate cupcakes.  Each person will get to decorate 8 cupcakes to take home. You will learn,

1.     Cupcakes        
2.     Butter Icing
3.     Fondant
4.     Chocolate Topping
5.     Chocolate Cream
Price Per Person: $100
This is a fully hands on class, so please dress comfortably.  Please bring a big enough container to take your cupcakes home. Private Class: $500
Classes will be held at 70 Road 14/24 Petaling Jaya.  Please call 016 6827465 or email nicholas_pillai@yahoo.com to book and to make any enquiries.  Please check my blog, www.nicholaspillai.wordpress.com for class schedules and any changes.
Payments are to be made in advance unless otherwise stated.