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My Chynnis inspired soup recipe – Fish Maw Soup

I have not found a group to go with me to Chynnis, my currently favorite Chinese Restaurant at SSTwo Mall  again because every weekend I’m either doing a class, or my friends are away and getting a few people together seems quite difficult.

And I certainly cannot go there just for a bowl of soup!!!

So I had to resort to my own devices for some nice soup hence my Chynnis Inspired Fish Maw Soup.  This is not Chynnis the Restaurants Soup, it is my own interpretation of what I ate and I think it is pretty close in flavor and all, but most importantly it was simply delicious and it was what I needed that day.


So here goes:

Dried Scallops                                            10 to 15 pieces – rinsed

Black Shitake Mushrooms                   4 or 5 – Soaked and stem removed

Silken Tofu                                                 1 piece – to be sliced

Ginger                                                          2 or 3 slices

Homemade Chicken Stock                 5 cups

Fish Maw                                                    roughly 200 gm or more  (I forgot to weigh it)

Chinese Rice Wine                             1 1/2 cups – use more if you like

Salt and Pepper to taste

Sugar                                                       1/2 tsp


1.  Boil stock, dried scallops, ginger and mushrooms till scallops are torn apart and mushroom is soft enough. You may use more mushrooms if you like, but then the flavor could be too strong.  This boiling should take at least an hour.  Simmer on low flame. Season to taste.

2.  Add in Wine.  You may add more or less depending on the strength of the taste, I like it stronger.

3.  Simmer for about 30 minutes, and then add in fish maw. Do not over boil the fish maw. 25 minutes tops (Singapore’s Kitchen Goddess – Teoh Seok Hean told me so  through sms when I was boiling the soup)

4.  Season to taste again if necessary.

5.  Lastly add in the tofu and do not stir as the tofu will break up. Serve hot.

Soup Day 9 – Going Green!

So my quest to have soup for the 50 days is going on and on and today I actually went to the market to buy some vegetables.  I seldom go to the market because the girls do it for me.  But today I wanted to go and check out what was available for my little endeavor.

Somehow nothing tickled my fancy, I bought a bunch of some vegetable which I don’t know the name but seen mum buy it a few times.  So let’s see what I can cook up with it. I don’t feel like anything too soupy so it will be something slightly dryer with a soupy gravy.

I have to say though I feel more energized. I think its been a while since I consumed vegetables like this.  And frankly I hate stir friend vegetables with oil. I always think why make something healthy so unhealthy?

I wonder if I have any egg white, perhaps and egg white gravy kind of thing would be suitable and something different of course.  This endeavor has also made me think, because I used to always leave my meals to my girls and my mum, and somehow while they mean well, you have to take control of some things in your life when it comes to food intake and making sure it is good for your health.

The soup was really nice, rich yet light with the egg white.  I don’t think the photo does justice to what I ate, but  I tried different things to prevent the glare but it was not possible. I guess we live and learn.

I also have come to realize how cheap it really is to make these soups.  I guess the fact that is only for one person, the cost hardly ever goes to RM2.  So there you go, cheap and tasty and most importantly healthy.

Mystery Vegetable - Someone please tell me the name

Mystery Vegetable Soup

Mystery Vegetable                               1 bunch – please view photo

Garlic                                                   1 cloves – to be sliced

Carrot                                                  the smallest you can find – to be sliced lengthwise

Egg White                                            from 1 egg

Chicken Stock                                      1 cup – made with real chicken

Salt and Pepper to taste

Water                                                   ½ cup


  1. Boil Stock and add in garlic. Leave to simmer for a few minutes.
  2. Add Carrots and leave till soft.  Season.
  3. Add ½ cup water to the egg white and beat. Leave aside
  4. Blanch Mystery Vegetables into the soup, leave for a few minutes.
  5. Lastly on high heat, pour the egg white over the vegetables.
  6. Serve immediately