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Rose Petal Jam – Step by Step

I have been wanting to make rose petal jam right from the firs time I saw the recipe when I was a kid. I remember it like it was yesterday, mum had her Australian Women’s Weekly opened and I was watching TV and she put it down and there was a commercial and I saw the recipe. I remember looking at it and trying to figure out how rose petals might taste like, and trust me over the years I have plucked rose petals and eaten them raw, in fact once I ate a whole rose just like that, because is smelt nice and had a tinge of rose taste. The reason I never ever made it was because I ever had enough roses to make the weight, and when I did I never thought of it and when I did have some roses, I did not have the recipe. So today I had everything. Roses, Recipe and Time! By the way… my mother has not noticed her roses in the garden are all gone. If she does tomorrow, we’ll just blame it on the rain tonight.

So here is my recipe:

Rose Petals            350 gm any color or a mixture

Sugar                        2 cups

Water                       4 cups

Lemon Juice about ½ cup or more

So here goes.

Step 1 – Plucking and Soaking the roses.

Now do not use fresh roses because I feel it’s a waste, use a few day old roses. Now I have read about pesticides and all, and trust me I have eaten raw roses before with no side effects, so just in case, soak it and wash it three or four times. Do not soak it for a long time or all flavor and smell could be gone. Soak it for a few hours. Pluck it, soak it, do your stuff and once in a while wash it, drain it and re soak it.

Step 2 – Sugar Bruising

Yes, you read right, Sugar Bruising. After Draining the water as shown in the photo,  take a bit of the sugar and rub through the rose petals. So now the once fluffy petals will be all settled and look like a lump of petals. Just like the photos I have taken. Eda is helping me here. She still cannot understand why I am doing all this. Leave the Sugar Bruised petals for about 30 minutes or so.

Step 3 – Boiling

Boil water and sugar.  I had a lump of rock sugar lying around so I used it. Let the sugar boil and add in the lemon juice. Finally, add in the Sugar Bruised rose petals. Leave it to simmer on a steady but low heat. Remember do not use normal cooking pots. Find a pot with a thick base so the heat spreads out evenly and it will not burn. Stir from time to time. This process could take about 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 4 – Sterilizing Jam Jars

While this boiling is taking place, preheat the oven to 100 C. Wash Jam Jars and then place it in the oven. I was baking a chocolate brownie so I just placed the jars in the hot oven. Leave it to be sterilized for about 45 minutes or so. It should be just in time to fill it with jam.

Step 5 – Simmering

Do stir the Rose Petal Jam from time to time. Taste it, you may need more sugar or lemon juice. To test the jam, just drop a teaspoon of jam onto a saucer and leave it awhile. If it becomes a little sticky and gummy, then your jam is ready.

Step 6 – Jarring and Storing

Pour Jam carefully into the sterilized bottles. Be careful as the jam mixture is hot and can singe your skin and leave a scar. Clean bottle and leave it to cool before covering. Refrigerate. Remember this does not have any preservatives, so do consume quickly and always use a dry spoon or knife. Enjoy…