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September 2016 Cooking and Baking Classes

Nutty Old Fashioned Carrot Cake

Saturday September 10th 10 to 1 pm

You will learn: Learn to make one of my favorite cakes


Carrot and Cranberry Cake with Italian Butter Cream and  Coconut

  1. Nutty Carrot and Cranberry cake
  2. Italian Butter Cream
  3. Assemble the cake as in the photo


Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are three students)


Portioned Cheesecakes

September 11th  Sunday 2.30 to 5.30

Portioned Cheesecakes are easier to handle then a whole cheesecake.  You will learn to prepare;

  1. Mini Cheesecake Brulee
  2. Pumpkin Cheesecake
  3. Mini Salty Sweet Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Price Per Person: $120 (Classes will commence once there are 5 students)


Kluang Moon Cake

September 12th Monday 10.30  to  2 pm

You will learn;

plain kluang mooncake

  1. Kluang Moon Cake Pastry
  2. Kluang Moon Cake Pandan Pastry
  3. Home Made Lotus Paste
  4. Different Filling Using Lotus

pandan Kluang Mooncake

Price Per Person: $125 (Class will commence once there are 5 students)

This is a fully hands on class


 Children’s Holiday Class

September 14th  Wednesday 10 to 12.30 pm

Let’s Make Chocolate Cup Cakes and Decorate them

It’s been a while since I had a class for non grown ups.  We will be baking and decorating

  1. Chocolate Cupcakes
  2. Chocolate Ganache
  3. Chocolate Cream
  4. Chocolate Icing

Price Per Non Grown Up: $95 (Class will commence once there are 5 Non Grown Ups)

Each person will get 8 cupcakes to take home


French Macarons

September 16th Friday 10 to 1 pm

Learn to make these little morsels that everyone seems to either hate or love.  You will learn the fundamentals of making;


  1. French Macarons
  2. Cheesy Sambal Filling
  3. Salty Green Tea Filling

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 3 students)


Japanese Kasutera Cake

September 16th   Friday 2.30 to 5.30

As much as I love buttery cakes, this very old cake from Japan seems to be the rage in a few hotels and top notch bakeries around town.  Let’s make the;


  1. Nagasaki Castella Cake – a cake from the Portuguese that entered into Japan hundreds of years ago
  2. Matcha Castella Cake

Both have no butter or oil.

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)


Murukus and Sweet Spicy Cornflake Class

September 17th Saturday 2 to 4.30 pm

A lot of people have been grumbling about the prices of Murukku some paid RM80 a tin and some pain RM100 a tin. So I think you should learn it.


  1. Butter Murukku
  2. Potato Murukku
  3. Cornflake Mix


This is a fully hands on session.  Please bring 3 containers.

Price Per Person: $100


 Hawker Favorites

September 18th Sunday 2 to 5 pm

These are some of my favorite Hawker foods.


  1. Lor Mai Fun
  2. Lor Bak – Chicken
  3. Woo Tau Koh (Yam Kuih)

Lor Mai Fun

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)


Eggless Cakes

September 24th Saturday 11 to 1.30


I used to think Eggless cakes were a pain in the neck, so now I have created some easy ones that will always come out without much fear. You will learn to make;


  1. Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes
  2. Date and Walnut Cake
  3. Dulce de Leche Topping

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 6 students)



Vegetarian Beriani Class

September 25th Sunday 2 to 4.30 pm

Let’s do two Beriani’s this Diwali.  You will learn;


  1. Green Beriani
  2. Mutton Beriani

Price Per Person: $90

Class will commence once there are 5 students



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Classes will be held at 70 Road 14/24 Petaling Jaya.  Please call 016 6827465 or email cookingwithnicholas@gmail.com to book and to make any enquiries. 

Please check my blog www.nicholaspillai.wordpress.com


Fees are to be paid once you make a booking, if a class is canceled you will be refunded.  If fees are not paid, your name will be not be placed on the list.


Arun and Amilee’s Wedding Cake

I made this wedding cake two weeks ago along with 80 trays of chocolate brownies. The cake was a daunting task, more so because it was my own silliness, however, bride and bridegroom was happy with the end result and only the top two cakes survived for their first wedding anniversary. The rest of the cake has been eaten up by just the aunties and close family.

Initially it was suppose to be red roses then Amilee suddenly had this brainchild of utilizing green carnations with red berries and so the mad rush began to find someone to be able to get me those carnations.

The Bottom Tier - Semolina Cake and Carrot and Mixed Nuts

The bottom tier is Semolina Cake, the next is Carrot and Mixed Nuts, third tier was the headache of them all, Chocolate Cake!

Top Three Tiers Rich Fruit Cake

I swear I will never do chocolate cake again because the chocolate cake recipe I have is too soft to be tiered so I had to use 8 pillars to hold the next 14 kilos of Fruit Cake which made up the rest of the cake. I prayed so hard the cake would not fall and even told the dancers who were jumping on the stage off because everytime she jumped and moved wildly, so did the wedding cake. Alas all went well.

All the best Arun and Amilee.

Aunty Nan C’s 68th Birthday Cake 10 / 10 /10

Well the 10 / 10/ 10 comes but once in a blue moon and so this cake and cupcakes were something that suddenly came to my mind with the help of my friend Hafiq and Hanifi.  I think by far this was the hardest cupcakes I have done simply because we made everything by hand, the dots and icing, the fondant. Everything was by hand except for the little red heart which given the chance we would have made as well.

A freshly painted cake

This is Hafiq’s and Hanifi’s first foray into cake decorating. And I must say they were extremely good.  Here is what we made.

This is the first time I also tried cake painting, and after more then 20 years of not holding a paintbrush to actually paint, I finally overcame the fear and did it. Well I did the

Shi Quan Shi Mei - I have horrible handwriting.

words, and Hanifi did the rest, but now I have the guts to do so and will conduct a class on cake painting real soon. I suddenly feel I can do it so let me do it a few more times. Then I will teach it at class.

Initially we were all worried because once painted if things go wrong we had all of a few hours to have a back up plan, but once we got started, it was really a redeeming feeling.

It was a good thing too that I tried it because cake painting is different

The Roses have been added

from the way flowers are painted. When I do my flower making class, painting method is different. Well its all a learning process and now I want to paint cakes.

I am and so were the boys, really excited with the end product.  The effect was way above my expectations, and I believe this is excellent team work.  And it really was because the cupcakes took nearly 8 hours to finish and that two with two people doing it and the cake took a total 7 hours to finish with three sets of hands. And the result!

The view from the top


Cooking Class Additions and Changes

Cheesecake Class

Friday 9th – 7 pm to 9.30 pm

We will learn to make a portioned cheesecake and whole cheesecakes. These are rich cheesecakes and not the type you find in our local cake shops.

  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake
  2. Upside Down Fudge Filled Cheesecakes
  3. Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Price Per Person: $85 (class will commence once there are 6 students)

This is a semi hands on class.

Cupcake Class

Saturday 10th 10 to 1 pm

Learn to make and decorate freestyle cupcakes

  1. Cake
  2. Butter Icing
  3. Fondant
  4. Chocolate Topping
  5. Chocolate Cream
  6. Learn to do freestyle designs

Each person gets to take home 8 decorated cupcakes. All ingredients will be provided. Kindly bring a container to take home your cupcakes.

Price Per Person: $85 (Class will commence once there are 8 students)

Smoked Lamb Class – A Complete Northern Indian Meal

Saturday 10th 2 to 5

Learn to make Smoked Lamb and other Northern Indian favorites.  It’s a complete meal.

  1. Smoked Lamb- Cooked and smoked in a Pot
  2. Lemon Rice
  3. Vegetable Jalfrezi

Price Per Person: $95 (Class will commence once there are 8 students)

Cookies for Hari Raya

Sunday 11th 2 to 5 pm

This is a fully hands on class, you will learn to make a number of cookies for Raya this year which you can make for your family and even for sale.

  1. Hazelnut Fingers
  2. Almond London
  3. Traditional Peanut Biscuit
  4. Old Fashion Pineapple Tarts  (open tarts)

Price Per Person: $100 (Class will commence once there are 9 students)

Special Class – Sujee Cake and Tiramisu –

2 places left

Saturday – 10 to 1 pm

Learn to make Old Fashion Sujee Cake – my top seller 115 kilos since February this year, and I don’t advertise.  This is a semi hands on class.

  1. Sujee Cake
  2. Tiramisu – this is an authentic Italian recipe

Price Per Person: $85 (Class will commence once there are 10 people)

Pasta Class

Sunday 18th – 2.30 to 4.30pm

Cooking with Pasta – Learn to make different dishes with the versatile pasta

  1. Pasta Salad with Basil Vinaigrette
  2. Uncooked Fresh Pasta Sauce – Walnut Sauce
  3. Cooked Sauce – Puttanesca Sauce

All served with different types of Pasta.

Price Per Person: $90Class will commence once there are 8 students.

Please call 016 6827465 or email nicholas_pillai@yahoo.com

All Classes will be held at 70 Jalan 14/24 Petaling Jaya.

Please bring you own tea towel for personal cleanliness. Bring your own containers to take your foods home.

For Group Bookings ie 3 or more – All non refundable payments have to be made 10 days before the class is due to take place.

Suji Cake Day

Today I had orders for Suji Cakes and Suji Cupcakes. For those who don’t

Fresh out of the oven Bare Suji Cakes

know what Suji or Sujee Cakes are, it is an old fashioned cake usually served at celebrations like weddings, big birthdays, and Christmas.

While this cake in Malaysia seems to be a fascination of the Eurasians and the Cristangs in Malacca, this cake actually originated from Sri Lanka or Ceylon back then. Now however over the years I notice a rise in popularity of the Suji cake amongst the Chinese as well.  And I must say this cake is eaten with a lot of class as well.  Come to think of  it, most of my clients are Chinese as well.

This cake is usually served at important birthdays, Christmas and weddings. Somehow though, I have a number of clients who order it all year round.
This cake is one that is an acquired  taste and often it is not a cake for kids and younger people though that does not stop parents and adults getting it for them. I was one of those victims many moons ago. I never liked the cake till a few years ago, so I guess it comes with Birthday. Parents should realize that Suji Cake at that age is totally uncool!

Also most Caucasians or Westerners for that matter don’t seem to taste any difference in this cake and consider it  just another Butter Cake.  I always tell them try eating a whole Butter Cake and 5 pieces of Suji Cake and see which yields the most weight gain.

Its richness lies in the usage of mainly egg yolks and with Ground Almonds and at special occasions when it is coated with Fondant and Marzipan or sometimes even Butter Icing, it is worth its weight in folds! The amount of Folds we will find on our bodies after consuming it. But still, it is a firm favorite and no one can take this away from us Malaysians.

I started out making whole cakes for sale but now I have introduced Suji

Suji Cupcakes

Cupcakes, and it is just the right size and totally no mess when serving. Suji Cupcakes just needs a tiny bit of decoration unlike conventional cupcakes. This is

Group Pose Suji Cupcakes

because of its richness. This cake is not for the weight conscious. I’ve had customers who have totally banished this cake but then still order it once a month pretending they have forgotten the banishment.

This cake is highly priced because it is made with ground almonds, and it is a lot of work as there are different stages before it is mixed up and baked.  It is also a very temperamental cake so it has to me made with a lot of patience and love.  Never rush when you make this cake because it will be a disaster, Trust me I have had many a disasters with this and with its expensive ingredients; this will be a total waste.

Well enough said, hope you like the photos