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Dad’s 70th Birthday Cake

Well last week as mentioned a gazillion times was hectic and one of the reasons was the cake which I had to make a tiny bit more special then usual because it was for my dad.  So here it is, it is once again a rush job because I had so much to do.

It is really difficult to make a cake for a guy, worst still when it’s your dad who will say anything and everything is ok.  That’s the worst kind. The design actually came quite by accident, I was going to write some soppy message and suddenly I shaped the tie by accident and the little blob of icing you seen between the words ,well that was a boo boo I made with the words, so I had to find a way to get rid of it.  Everyone thought it was quite pretty.

So the easiest was cupcakes and one not too big birthday cake.  All together there was 10 kilos of Sujee Cake and about 3 kilos of icing, and of course those sweet maraschino cherries which I suddenly decided to use because Sujee Cake is rich on its own, so I thought a dollop of icing was more then enough or it would be too heavy.

The best part of it all was not having to serve anyone that night. After we sang happy birthday, I told everyone to help themselves to a cake and GO HOME!… ok ok I did not say Go Home!… but it was nice, everyone took a cake and ate it and some wrapped it up in serviettes and took it home. No stress for me and the girls to pack cake and cut cake and serve it.

So next time, Go Cupcake!